Say hi to Manny Pantoja! Manny currently lives in Brentwood and is a current student at Los Medanos College, hoping to transfer to UC Davis in Communications. He is very active in the community as a member of Puente and a Student Ambassador. When asked if he recycled, he replied,” Recycling is a big part of my culture. Not being wasteful and respecting where things come from are values everyone should have towards the environment.” In addition to his parents teaching him to recycle, his high school was also a big factor! Manny was part of Freedom’s leadership program and creating posters takes up a lot of paper, so recycling was a unique factor of the school. Freedom High School took pride in recycling and keeping the community clean. Manny thinks that encouraging others to recycle and recycling is a common courtesy. So for all the young generations out there, listen to Manny and go help your community by recycling!

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